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Progress Foundation:

Progress Needs Freedom.

Freedom leads to openness, change and progress. That is why we promote the further development of liberty-oriented ideas.

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57. Economic Conference
The Rule of Law under Pressure
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Tom Ginsburg, Progress Foundation May 2024
From reformation to modern elite rule
Preachers of Truth
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Liberal thoughts on intellectuals
Left-wing, Zeitgeisty and in Love with Power
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57. Economic Conference
The Rule of Law under Pressure
Tom Ginsburg "Preserving the Rule of Law: Pragmatic Considerations"
Paul Kirchhof «Die Herrschaft des Rechts auf der Basis ungeschriebener Gewissheiten»
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56. Economic Conference
Energy and climate – from wishful thinking to realistic action
Jeremy Bentham «Wise approaches to energy transition uncertainties»
Lino Guzzella «Energie für die Welt und für die Schweiz - ein Überblick»
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55. Economic Conference
Are central banks causing inflation?
Charles Goodhart «Inflation: The relative role of demographics and central banks»
Ernst Baltensperger «Die Verantwortung der Zentralbanken für die Preisstabilität»
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A liberal idea

Social progress and liberty are closely inter-linked. Where there is no liberty to inquire and investigate, there can be no economic or social innovation. Liberty allows a society to be open-minded, to embrace change and to progress.