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Trial, Error, Interpretation

Investment comments 1990 to 2010

His theories and analyses enjoy cult status: private banker Konrad Hummler whispers his explanations to the media with his brilliant investment commentaries. The selected investment commentaries have been abridged, introduced and thematically assigned to five chapters: A caesura and selected trends, On the function and functioning of financial markets and financial products, On the state and the market, Reflections on entrepreneurial value creation and investment success, Returns and risk are not everything.

“A refreshing mix of common sense and sound economic and legal analysis.” – Dr. Jean-Pierre Roth, former Chairman of the Governing Board of the Swiss National Bank.

“Scenario analyses are part of everyday business today. But only Dr. Konrad Hummler’s investment commentaries are able to tell scenarios in such an exciting way, to capture the forces in such vivid images, to spread analogies and allegories so richly that the reader is almost torn between the possible paths – and yet remains free in his judgment.” – Dr. Thomas Held, former Director of Avenir Suisse.

“Far beyond monetary and credit issues, Konrad Hummler’s commentaries shine with their far-sighted and profound analysis of the current trends and zeitgeist; a worthy successor to the great Felix Somary, the “political meteorologist” of the 20th century.” – Prof. Dr. Gerd Habermann, Chairman of the F.A. von Hayek Foundation, Berlin.

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Konrad Hummler
Orell Füssli
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Les sagesses acérées d’un banquier remuant
Emmanuel Garessus, L’Agéfi Suisse, 22/03/2011