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The Idea of Progress and the Market Economy

On the one hand, liberal social and economic systems offer suitable conditions for technological and social innovation. On the other hand, the further development of these orders since the beginning of industrialization has been influenced by sceptical and pessimistic social attitudes towards progress. These connections are analyzed in nine contributions by economists and social scientists. In addition, historical texts on the ambivalent assessment of progress by Karl R. Popper, Friedrich A. von Hayek, Friedrich A. Lutz and Herbert Lüthy have been included. Both the historical and the new texts combine considerations on a fundamental decision on order in highly developed technical civilizations: It is about freedom or coercion as a guiding idea in general and specific decisions for innovations in technology and society. With contributions by Ivan Baron Adamovich, Ronald Clapham, Horst Feldmann, Friedrich A. von Hayek, Friedrich A. Lutz, Herbert Lüthy, Robert Nef, Karl R. Popper, Gerhard Prosi, Gerhard Schwarz, Klaus Schweinsberg, Christian Watrin, Michael Wohlgemuth.

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Ronald Clapham
Gerhard Schwarz
Ivan Adamovich
Horst Feldmann
Herbert Lüthy
Friedrich A. Lutz
Karl R. Popper
Gerhard Prosi
Klaus Schweinsberg
Friedrich A. von Hayek
Christian Watrin
Michael Wohlgemuth
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