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Switzerland Has a Future

The benefits of being unique

The political struggle over the future of Switzerland has long moved between two poles: on the one hand, a backward-looking and anti-reform inertia with a tendency to overestimate itself. On the other hand, there is a tendency to adapt to the construct of the European Union with almost uncritical admiration and a tendency to disregard Switzerland’s political uniqueness.

This book positions itself between these opposites. It sees Switzerland’s political system, the construction of the state from the bottom up, direct democracy, the militia idea, federalism and concordance, as an essential basis for both Switzerland’s economic and social success. At the same time, however, it argues for far-reaching and courageous reforms of these institutional characteristics that do not water them down or integrate them into the great stream of the European unification project, but on the contrary strengthen their ultra-modern core content. It is a sketch for a Switzerland that is excellently different and therefore useful for the international community.

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